The Benefits of Aromatherapy

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

We’re another week closer to the end of the year. How have you been doing on my holiday challenge? Let me know by leaving comments on my social media, and if you haven’t read my holiday challenge article yet, check it out here.

Are any of you last-minute holiday shoppers? Need ideas for gifts? Well, what’s the best way to go about buying a gift for someone? Gifts are best when they are personalized, right? Well, what if you’re not sure how to do that, or you are simply running low on time, want to know a universal trait people share? They all have stress that needs to be relieved! One really good way to relieve that stress is with aromatherapy, or the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to soothe the mind and body.

Aromatherapy candles make wonderful gifts, and it doesn’t matter who receives them because everyone wants to relax and feel their stress alleviated. There are many health benefits to be reaped from this kind of gift, and they are appreciated by the recipients and the business you purchase them from. When you give a gift with high-quality aroma-therapeutic qualities, what you are really giving someone is a way to enjoy increased well-being.

Did you know that the olfactory senses are connected to the same part of the brain that processes emotion and memory? Scented candles can help invoke memories in the individual who uses them. The essential oils in aroma therapeutic candles are like keys that can unlock the olfactory nerve receptors in our nostrils, then the impression of the aroma is sent directly to the limbic system, where memories are stored and emotions are perceived. If you want to give a gift that reminds someone of a memory that is special for them, you can include candles that contain the scents of the season or perhaps give them as a reminder of a favorite time of year. In either case, when they light their candle, those memories and the feelings associated with them will be recalled. Then, as time goes by and they use the candle more, their memories associated with that candle’s scent will include you and the thoughtfulness of your gift.

When you think about it, the aromatic properties in the essential oils are a catalyst for change in the human body and mind. Inhaling those candle scents can help attain a pleasurable emotional balance, and wouldn’t you agree that a balanced emotional state is invaluable? It can have a therapeutic effect on physical problems, as well as other forms of stress.

If you plan on using aromatherapy while you mediate (or you plan on giving a gift so someone else can accomplish this) there are actually specific scents whose essential oils are more effective for this purpose. Some preferable scents include Amber and Cedarwood. Amber is derived from tree resin, and it has many health benefits, such as the ability to rejuvenate the skin, soothe a tired mind, and is also thought to enhance the energy of the heart and relieve heart palpitations…perhaps caused from living in a stressful world? Cedarwood is beneficial because it’s woody, sweet scent fits relieves stress and improves focus, and may also help with respiratory infections and treating bronchitis. Just know that if you’re going to use Cedarwood or Amber candles to enhance meditation, or for any aromatherapy, be aware of the quality of the candles you are using. Many commercial candles are manufactured with unnatural products and may actually be toxic to the body. Make sure you choose products that have organic, holistic ingredients like palm and soy wax, with natural fiber wicks.

Whatever your gift-giving agenda may be for this holiday season may be, everyone needs their stress to relieved, and aromatherapy is a wonderful solution. Remember that (it is in the giving that we receive)! Also remember to (take time for yourself) and live abundantly!


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Giving and Receiving

Is it snowing where you are?

Have you ever lit a candle on a snowy evening and seen how the glow brought a sense of peace and security? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it.

Wow, can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone? However, despite the fact that the day for giving thanks has passed, it doesn’t mean we should stop giving thanks for all that we have. Every day we should remember to be grateful; every day is a day for giving thanks.

Have any of you accepted my holiday challenge? How about my 3 tips for being both peaceful and powerful? If you aren’t aware of what I’m talking about you should check out my two most recent posts. For those of you who have read them, you should let me know what you think! Post your comments and feedback on my Facebook page.

Again, now that Thanksgiving has passed, I have the pleasure of saying once again, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours! Personally I feel so blessed, and this time of year reminds me of just how blessed I am. I am a mother and a grandmother, and I feel so lucky to be surrounded by incredible friends and to be a part of a loving community. The people I work with through Orchard Harvest bring a lot of light into my life. Truly, I am grateful to know you; you are amazing people. And if you are reading this and I do not yet know you, I hope we will have the privilege of meeting someday.

This time of year makes gives me the desire to be extra giving and generous to the people in my life. What do the holidays inspire you to do and be? In my opinion it’s hard not to be inspired by this time of year, except when we allow it to become too complicated by commercialism and our extremely long task lists. The stress of all we have to accomplish would overwhelm us, and if it’s been a hard year for you sometimes, unfortunately, the holidays can be a stinging reminder of the difficulties you have passed through recently.

I remind everyone and anyone reading this—love is a verb. It is action. The holidays and the Christmas Spirit are supposed to be about love, no matter what you believe in. Love transcends race and religion. It is something we have all felt or want to feel, so what better way to forget your own pain for a short season than by giving the best of your love to others? Try it!

“No-one has ever become poor by giving.” –Anne Frank

And don’t forget that just as equally important as giving is graciously receiving what others have to give you. Sometimes this is harder than giving, but just remind yourself of the times you gave someone a gift, and the joy and satisfaction you felt at seeing them so happy. Then, imagine being able to provide someone else with that feeling when you receive what they have to give you. Few things in this world are as rewarding as giving and receiving love.

On that note, I hope you have a wonderful week!


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3 Ways to be both Powerful and Peaceful

Hello everyone! And to those who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of you who decided to take my Holiday Challenge, Good luck! I’m rooting for you! Don’t forget to post your “random acts of kindness” to my Facebook page, if you want to share with us your success! (See last week’s post: link)

Today I would like to pose a question: What is the correlation between work and rest? Here is my observation: If there is no work, there can be no true rest, right? Otherwise what is there to rest from? Work is important, but rest balances it out, and visa versa.

I am passionate about using all my energy to work hard, that way when I arrive home at the end of each day I feel as though I have earned my rest. So what do holidays mean to people? What’s the point? Generally to rest, right? For me it’s the fact that I get to put my feet up, and take a load off, revive and rejuvenate. (What’s your favorite part about the holidays?)

Have you ever sat near a fireplace, while it was raining or snowing? Did the sounds of the crackling wood while the wind blowing against your house make you feel safe and comfortable? We can’t really explain why those elemental noises cause us to feel so tranquil, but they do. For me lighting a candle has the same effect; it allows me to feel as though I can slow down and let peace seep into my thoughts. It doesn’t matter who you are, a mom or dad, a professional workingman or woman, or both, or neither; everyone wants to feel that they have a place where they can just…be. A place they can leave and return to, a refuge from the stress and the strain. However, sometimes the rush of life prevents us from feeling that such a place or state of mind even exists.

Also, humans have a natural tendency to be tenacious to a point where they are sometimes too hard on themselves. In other words, they WORK more than they rest. Because of this I want to speak out and say it’s ok to take time for yourself. Never forget that you can be both powerful in your work and peaceful in your rest. Here are some suggestions I have to help you accomplish this:

1.) Commit to using one day a week strictly for rest and rejuvenation. For all you inspiring workaholics out there, you might be saying, “What?? But what if I have too much energy for that?” To you I say, that’s probably because you’ve conditioned yourself to get to that point. However, allowing yourself at least one day a week to rest and take your mind off your work is a sign of self-respect. You’ve earned it, and your body and spirit actually crave it. Also, remember that rest doesn’t necessarily have to be sleeping. It could also mean just doing something that you enjoy—and doing it all day! Sounds crazy, right? Give it a try and tell me your health and performance in your daily activities don’t improve.

2.) MEDITATE. This is a practice I swear by. A few minutes per day can ease anxiety and fear. Take it from psychologist Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD, a Chicago health and wellness coach: “Research suggests that daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making you more resilient to stress.” So what does meditation entail? Interpretations may vary, but to me it means to sit, stand or lay in surroundings that you are comfortable in, preferably somewhere quiet with no distractions, electronic or otherwise. Think about how your day went, or will go, depending on the time of day. Evaluate your goals, and ponder on the things that make you happy. This will empower you to work with increased vigor and determination, while feeling simultaneously powerful and peaceful.

3.) List the things you are grateful for. I mean this in a literal sense; ponder, yes, but actually create a list, electronic or on an actual piece of paper, or keep a gratitude journal. You might start an ongoing list, one that you add to every day, or as frequently as you are made aware of these things. When days seem bleak, this is an effective way to remind yourself of how good you really have it. Remember, there is ALWAYS someone else who has it worse than you, so by “counting your blessings,” literally, you will feel uplifted and empowered.

I hope you will consider incorporating these three suggestions into your routine, and the potential effects they could have on your life. Remember: for these opposites (power and peace) to exist in you at the same time is result of healthy thinking, and will allow you get the most out of your work and rest.

Have a wonderful day!


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